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Easily build, test, and deploy custom trading algorithms without a single line of code.

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Goodbye coding. Hello trading.

Our traders love how simple and intuitive our algotrading platform is. Choose a strategy from our library to customize or bring your own and start building from scratch. You will be backtesting and paper trading in no time. When you’re ready, link Rizm to your brokerage account and let your algo trade for you.


Easily build and edit algorithms with our drag-and-drop interface.


Refine your algorithms by testing them against historical market data.


Deploy and monitor your algorithms while receiving real-time metrics and results.

Broker Linkage

Your algorithms can trade directly via links to your existing brokerage accounts.
  • Strategy Library
    A vast amount of strategies that you can choose from that have been made by our team of quantitative researchers. Turn one on to see how it trades.
  • Weekly Webinars
    The team behind Rizm believes in education. Attend one of our weekly webinars to learn more from industry leaders.
  • RizmTV
    Watch videos on how to build strategies at your convenience.
  • Trading
    Test your strategies whenever you are ready and deploy on the go for an active lifestyle.
  • Drag-and-drop Building Interface
    You will never have to write a single line of code to build your algorithms within Rizm. Simply drag and drop widgets together to build your trade logic.
  • Infinitely Complex Strategies
    Rizm is built to accommodate advanced strategies. It makes building multifactor algos simple and easy to do.
  • Testing & Monitoring
    You can backtest in seconds through the cloud.
  • IT-in-a-Box
    Server infrastructure, data feeds, and broker connectivity is managed for you.
  • Ownership
    Anything you produce in Rizm is your intellectual property – always and forever.

Get started for free.
Trade with us for free.

You're never charged for paper trading with Rizm, and, with selected brokers, you'll never be charged for live trading. This means that you can build, backtest, paper trade, and manage your live trading algos without ever having to worry about cost.

When you’re ready to live trade, link your brokerage accounts with ease.

  • More to come!

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